Mary Katrantzou Teams Up with Bulgari on the Ultimate Post-Lockdown Party Bag

For anyone wanting to add extra fabulosity to their post-lockdown party looks, Mary Katrantzou is there for you. The designer, famed for her joyful, maximalist aesthetic, has collaborated with Bulgari on a new range of bags with a real sense of occasion. Bulgari Serpenti Through The Eyes of Mary Katrantzou introduces three new styles, inspired by Bulgari’s famous 1960s Serpenti watches and articulated snake bracelets.

“In October 2019, Bulgari generously loaned us their one-of-a-kind high jewellery and archival pieces dating back to the 1960s, for my first couture show at The Temple Of Poseidon. It was our first collaboration and we both felt a strong synergy and mutual appreciation. Sophia [Neophitou] and I had the most fun styling these incredible pieces in our show and it was so special seeing it all come together,” says Katrantzou “When they asked me to interpret Serpenti through my own eyes, I was honoured to be able to contribute to the evolution of Serpenti that has become such an important symbol in the Bulgari universe.”

In tune with the Italian jewellery house, Katrantzou is known for her highly crafted, couture aesthetic, which is on full display here. She designed a sinuous, golden, snake handle and clasp for one bag, embellished another with 3D embroidery depicting the metamorphosis of a snake into a butterfly, and also introduced a witty minaudiére, in the shape of a snake head with crystal and enamel scales. They’re all seriously collectable, limited editions. Katrantzou, who weaves ancient Greek and Roman symbolism into her work, said she was drawn to the idea of metamorphosis. “My intention was to highlight the Serpenti as a symbol of rebirth, transformation and healing. Metamorphosis refers to transformation, everyone experiences their own journey of growth and we all go through some type of metamorphosis through life, which is why the Serpenti has a lot of meaning to me,” the designer explains.

For the campaign, starring Natalia Vodianova, Katrantzou designed matching couture looks to go with the bags, creating the ultimate ‘out, out’ total look. “I felt through our collaboration that we share a similar vision and a common appreciation for craftsmanship, daring use of colour and originality of design,” she says. “I’m grateful to Bulgari for giving me this opportunity and for making me feel like family throughout our collaboration.”

Photography by Hugo Comte. Explore the collection here.


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