Margot Robbie Is The Face Of New Chanel Line, Coco Neige


We must admit, there is something quite motivating about an Australian raised-by-the-beach actress being the chosen one for the new Chanel winter sports line campaign. But then again, Margot Robbie is the kind of Chanel superwoman who can do everything. Yes, Coco Neige is almost here to further Chanel-ify our wardrobes. If anyone’s going to convince us to get up on the slopes it’s Margot Robbie, in her first campaign for the House since becoming an ambassador this year. The picture of health, wealth and all that’s good in the world. Shot by Karl Lagerfeld, she stands atop what we assume is a mountain, a cloudy blue skied background behind her, as she fearlessly leads us towards stylish athleticism. But more importantly, the clothes. A mustard turtleneck sits snugly under a pure white ribbed-necked sweater with the words Coco Neige on the sleeve. From our detective work it appears Margot wears no pants, just simple black skin tight shorts/underwear? Not sure but we will willingly stand in the snow half naked for the #look if it’s Chanel. Who needs pants when one has a chapkra/trapper hat to keep them warm and cute.

“This shoot was one of the greatest experiences of my career,” Margot said. “The energy and vibe on set was so wonderful and collaborative. One of the first things Karl Lagerfeld said to me was that we never need to take ourselves too seriously. He has such a creative mind and he knows exactly what he wants and the minute he captured it, we were moving onto the next shot. It was amazing. Karl Lagerfeld is a creative mastermind. I already knew he was a genius but to be able to spend time with him in person, I now know he is also just a wonderful human being.” All hail King Karl, and Coco Neige. And Margot Robbie. Our non-existent attempts at winter sports just got a whole lot more glamorous.

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