Maison Margiela Arrives At The Selfridges Corner Shop

Mar5Next up to deliver their take on Selfridges’ Anatomy of Luxury project is the legendary Maison Margiela, who, as of Monday have thrown their considerable heavyweight status W1-wards for a transportive installation that offers a glimpse into the world of couture. Following previous residencies of A.F. Vandevorst and Gareth Pugh, both of which transformed the Corner Shop space into microcosms of their respective worlds, Maison Margiela will use the space to showcase the ‘Artisanal’ collection presented during Couture week in Paris last summer. From our riddled minds we can recall plenty of iridescence, plastic outerwear and those funny headpieces that looked as though they’d been carved from melon – “an unfinished symphony” according to Galliano.

The space is set to reflect the same deconstructed aesthetic that accompanied the show, using ‘statement mannequins’ with killer red lippie to mirror the environment of their Parisian atelier at 163 rue Saint-Maur. We never knew mannequins could make a statement but then Margiela are always teaching us new things. Take ‘unconscious glamour’ for example, another key theme of the installation that embraces the haphazard aesthetic of dressing yourself in thirty seconds. It’s a concept we’re all very familiar with but only thanks to Margiela have we felt empowered enough to own the look. We suggest you head down to Selfridges to pick up a few tips yourself, we’ll certainly be popping in if only to see what can be learned from those mannequins.

Maison Margiela at Selfridges is on until Monday 14th May

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