Inside 10: Lucien Pagès Shows Us His Desk

If the eyes are the window to the soul, the desk, you could say, is the pathway into the mind of the creative. Being the nosy bunch we are, we asked a group of our favourite designers, PRs and friends in fashion to let us inside their offices to see how they work. Expect pristine desks from the finest vintage dealers, the best stationary about, and of course, the occasional bit of clutter. Fashion folk are only human, after all…Today we step into the workspace of PR heavyweight Lucien Pagès. 

10: Where did you buy your desk?

LP: I bought it at an auction of all the personal effects of [the singer and drag artist] Michou, one of the legends of French cabaret. It is from Romeo, a design company that I love, a cult during the 1970s/’80s. It is a glass desk with Greek columns: kitsch as minimal.

10: Do you like a tidy desk or a messy one?

LP: I like it clean and minimalist but as I am really working there, messy parts are needed.

10: What’s the most sentimental thing you have on it?

LP: Everything is sentimental in my office, everything has meaning to me. There is a book about the Cévennes, the place I come from, an Aries jewel by my best friend Elie Top [and a piece] by [designer Jean] Picart Le Doux.

10: What’s the proudest thing you’ve created while sitting at your desk?

LP: The giant perfumes collection. It is always the start of talking when someone enters my office. All the visitors have a story with a perfume or a memory of their mum wearing one of them… it creates a warm start of a discussion.

Photography courtesy of Lucien Pagès. Keep your eyes peeled for more inductees to our Me and My Desk series. Taken from Issue 58 of 10 Men – ELEGANCE, GRACE, BEAUTY – out NOW. Purchase here.

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