California Dreaming: Loewe Celebrates American Artist Ken Price With a New Capsule Collection

Jonathan Anderson’s latest muse for Loewe is none other than American artist Ken Price. “I have always been drawn to artists whose practices expand, push and challenge conventions,” explains the designer, who has adapted the late artist’s work into an exclusive capsule collection.

Price’s series of twenty ceramic plates, designed for La Palme restaurant, in Newport Beach in the early 1980s, was Anderson’s main source of inspiration. The true highlight of the collection comes courtesy of the print work. Palm trees and huge apartment blocks are reminiscent of a 1980s Californian beach haven, bringing a subtle nostalgic flair to the contemporary Loewe wardrobe.

Like life in LA, the collection is cool, calm and even cooler – lavishing in relaxed silhouettes and glories shades of blue, green and yellow. Even the brand’s signature Puzzle bag has had its own Ken Price re-up, which now sees palm tree motifs fragmented across the bag’s innovative structure. It may be a long while till we can escape to the beach once more, but this is the sort of collection which will leave you California dreaming.

Photography by Craig McDean. The Loewe Ken Price capsule collection is available here.

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