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Very self-effacing, new face Luc Defont describes himself as “a simple guy from the south of France”. But not many simple guys from the south of France have a face that looks like it has been carved by angels, and fewer still get scouted and, in their very first season, tread the runway boards for the likes of Louis Vuitton. Lucky Luc. With hair parted to one side, Defont cut a striking figure in a sleeveless green-grey knit, scarf and traveller-stamp necklace (created in collaboration with Jade Jagger), from Jones’s “Paris old and new”-inspired AW16 collection. Having gone on to model in the house’s SS17 show, it’s clear it’s onwards and upwards for this young Frenchman.

Ted Stansfield: How and where were you scouted?
Luc Defont: “I was scouted through social media by Maxence Orard. I was very surprised at first, but when he introduced me to Success Models, I understood it was happening for real. Success made me come to Paris and, a few days later, I was walking at Paris Fashion Week.”

TS: When and what was your first break?
LD: “The AW16 shows were my first break. I had the chance to walk for amazing brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Raf Simons. It was stressful but very rewarding.”

TS: What accomplishment are you most proud of?
LD: “To keep balance in my life. It is important not to lose sight of your dreams.”

TS: What’s your number one modelling tip?
LD: “It is a simple but important one – stay true to yourself.”

TS: What does Louis Vuitton mean to you?
LD: “A chance that has been given to me and a big change in my life.”

TS: What was your first encounter with Kim Jones?
LD: “It was in Paris during the castings for the AW16 shows. I remember every moment of that first encounter. He was both very discreet and very present at the same time.”

TS: What is one thing he has taught you?
LD: “He taught me to always stay professional but to have fun in your work.”

TS: If you weren’t a model, what would you choose to be?
LD: “I would probably be a cook, as that’s what I was about to become before being discovered. Cooking is also something I am really passionate about. It is a good way to make people feel better. I would also like to be an actor in the future.”

TS: What do you do to relax?
LD: “Chat with my closest friends and members of my family. I also like to meditate or listen to music when I need to calm down.”

TS: What is the last thing you Googled?
LD: “Bigflo et Oli, two rappers from the south of France.”

TS: What’s your “Sunday best” look?
LD: “A classy suit and a tie. It is simple but effective.”

TS: How would you define your style?
LD: “I don’t really have a style. It depends on my mood and on the inspirations I am getting from people I meet.”

Stay tuned for the rest of the 10…

Text by Ted Stansfield
Photographer Ruben de Wilde

Taken from 10 People To Meet in the latest issue of 10 Men FLUID UNIQUE BRAVE, on newsstands now…

Instagram: @lucdefont

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