Kidsuper: Menswear AW23

A comedy show as the concept for presenting a luxury collection in Paris is risky business. Especially since it’s a heavily nuanced, never-before-done format for a fashion show. Nonetheless, KidSuper gave it a go, presenting its artfully eclectic garms on the figures of very real, and very funny, comedians. The headliner? Tyra Banks – who, as compere, wore ten of the 20 looks. That was enough to solidify the show’s status as a success, despite the police-occupied shit show that went down at the door setting the whole thing back an hour. Because the thing is, the audience absolutely loved it. 

Other jokesters on stage at the iconic Casino de Paris location included Yvonne Orji, Jeff Ross, Stavros Halkias, Andrew Santino, Andrew Schultz, Theo Von, Fary and Matteo Lane spitting off extremely hilarious rapid gabs while sporting KidSuper’s AW23 looks. Their energy was infectious.

The whole sordid affair unfolded with the unsayable being said, again and again. It was rude, crude, filthy and smutty. Somebody was bound to take offence, but that’s the beauty of a roast, right?

The show ran late – really late – unveiling a beautiful motley of refined streetwear silhouettes as it all went down. Kissing bags and jackets, embroidered suiting, illustrated shoes and collaged coats took centre stage while Dillane’s vivacious artworks were plastered across size-inclusive tailoring and panelled loungewear. It even teased two upcoming exclusive collaborations – get it? – with jewellery brand Pauer and footwear maverick Stuart Weitzman

Colm Dillane is unhinged, but only in the best of ways. He’s demolishing boundaries within the establishment of fashion and keeping things creative above all else. Last season, he staged a witty live-action auction, and before that, he presented a collection with a celebrity-studded stop-motion animated film. After his AW23 Louis Vuitton menswear collection completely rocked Paris last week, we are eager to see what else he had up his sleeve. Arguably, Dillane is one of the most exciting names of the moment. The one thing he’s not, is a joke. 

Photography courtesy of KidSuper.

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