10 Questions with Jeshi, As He Releases His New Single “Electric”

A voice of his generation would be a fitting description of 27-year-old Jeshi. The London-born musician isn’t one to be shy of the spotlight. Since releasing his debut EP Pussy Palace back in 2016, the rapper has gone on tour the world with Slowthai and a slew of buzzy singles he describes as “the new sound of London” have carved him out as one of the capital’s most exciting young talents.

Jeshi shows no signs of slowing down as he gears up to launch his debut album Universal Credit later this year, an album that speaks for the experience of the young, dumb and broke. Leading with new single “Electric”, made in collaboration with producer Kelvin Krash, the song brings together Jeshi’s skillful rhymes and soulful beats into one harmonious state of bliss. Self-described as “the ultimate fuck it”, with tracks like this one, Jeshi is destined for greatness. Here we catch up with the rising star.

  1. Who is Jeshi? 

“Just somebody who’s just trying to figure it all out.”

  1. If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be? 

“Amy Winehouse. The Frank album is one of my favourite things in the world. I love how visual and honest her writing was which is something I’m always pushing for.”

  1. What is the recipe for a great studio session? 

“I think you need openness to try new things and sometimes fail…Oh yeah, and beers help. For me, the best studio sessions are the ones that are fun. You make the best things when you’re really wholeheartedly enjoying the process.”

  1. Who is your style hero? 

“I don’t have a style hero but Jamiroquai used to dress pretty well back in the day.”

  1. What is the craziest piece in your wardrobe? 

“Fruit of the loom tracksuit bottoms,”

  1. What can we expect from your debut album Universal Credit

“It’s the story of the broke and unlucky. I’m tired of hearing everybody talk about how perfect life is because I know that ain’t the case, we are all going through it to some degree and I want to shed a light on that and take the Instagram filter off. This is my whole world encapsulated in 40 mins and there’s no work coach required.”

  1. Describe the album in 10 words. 

“The best album that you’ve ever heard in your life.”

  1. What is your favourite track from the album? 

“The last song on the album is probably my favourite. It’s called “National Lottery” and really summarises the whole album for me.”

  1. What are you most excited for in 2022? 

“I’m excited to finally give up this album to the world and dive headfirst into a whole new universe. You spend so much time obsessing over something and the most freeing thing is to no longer be able to do that. It isn’t yours anymore it belongs to the world.”

  1. What’s next for you? 

“Hopefully I can start ticking off some of the things I’ve been dreaming about my whole life. Either way, the music ain’t stopping and neither am I.”

Photography by Francis Plummer. Jeshi’s new single “Electric” is available to stream on all major streaming platforms now. 


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