Jeremy Scott On His Americana-Coded Stroller Collab With Cybex

You might not think that strollers and Jeremy Scott are the most natural pairing, but it’s more organic than its seems. Joining forces with luxury child travel systems brand Cybex, the former Moschino creative director is making his next foray in the buggy business with a collection of 1950s Americana-inspired travellers for tots with taste. 

“I’ve been designing strollers for Cybex now for over a decade,” Scott says of his longstanding collaboration with the German brand, “so it’s more of a continuation of a great partnership than anything out of the blue! The only thing blue about this collab is the colour of the stroller!” 

And what a delightful shade of blue it is. Taking inspiration from kitsch diner culture, the bright turquoise splashes across car seats, pushchairs and other baby-centric accessories. “I was inspired by the forward-looking designs featured on cars, especially with the tail lights that looked like rocket ships themselves,” Scott says. “The 1950s was such an optimistic time in American culture,” Scott explains about his choice of theme. “We were making plans to go to outer space, new inventions were making a lot of household chores easier for the first time and design reflected this. [There were] new materials, dynamic shapes, [it was] creative, imaginative, playful and uplifting – what’s not to like about all of that?!”

The signature retro charm of Scott’s designs permeates the collection and is certain to leave fans of his work wanting more. Speaking on what can be expected of him in the coming months, he responds, “As always when it comes to me, you can expect the unexpected!!!”

Photography by Marcus Mam. Discover the full collection here.

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