Inside 10: Stavros Karelis Shows Us His Desk

If the eyes are the window to the soul, the desk, you could say, is the pathway into the mind of the creative. Being the nosy bunch we are, we asked a group of our favourite designers, PRs and friends in fashion to let us inside their offices to see how they work. Expect pristine desks from the finest vintage dealers, the best stationary about, and of course, the occasional bit of clutter. Fashion folk are only human, after all…Today we step into the office of Machine-A founder Stavros Karelis.

10: Where did you buy your desk?

SK: There is this really great furniture and interior design store called Mad Atelier [in Clapton] that my best friend Nikos is managing. I got this from there as I like to surround myself with objects that, apart from an aesthetic I like, are always connected with people I love.

10: Do you like a tidy desk or a messy one?

SK: A tidy one! I love keeping notes on Post-its, so very easily I can cover the whole surface of my desk during the week. By the end of each week my task is to throw all of them away and make sure that I have completed what I took notes on.

10: What’s the most sentimental thing you have on it?

SK: I think it’s the glass with the frog. Steven Ma gave it to me as it brings good luck but it’s also an inside joke between us that always puts a smile on my face when I look at it.

10: What’s the proudest thing you’ve created while sitting at your desk?

SK: Apart from the fact that each day it is where I work on for anything about Machine-A, and that of course is the proudest thing in my life, I have a note from Raf [Simons], as I helped on his final show at Printworks in London. That is something very meaningful to me and together with Bianca Quets Luzi, who is the Raf Simons CEO. That trust and deep friendship between all of us is what I keep close in my heart.

Photography courtesy of Stavros Karelis. Keep your eyes peeled for more inductees to our Me and My Desk series. Taken from Issue 58 of 10 Men – ELEGANCE, GRACE, BEAUTY – out NOW. Purchase here.


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