Iceberg: Ready-To-Wear SS20

This girl loves wearing Iceberg every day. But y’know what she loves more? Wearing it deep into the night. Whilst most scamper to the nearest dimly lit cubbyhole and stay-put there all night to remain unnoticed, she aims to have all eyes peeled on her by the end of the evening. She weighs up the room in her glittery plum joggers and Looney Tunes sweater to match, before stripping down into sporty twinsets in candy-floss hues. This is sensible attire for when she wants to end the night at the bar necking tequila shots. If she wants to zhush it up a little, she goes for a mermaid sequin mini-dress, or a pleated semi-sheer, technicolored skirt. But she’ll probably conclude those evenings like her other wild adventures: dancing on bars, screaming her lungs out to Mariah and head-first into the toilet before she goes to sleep. The Iceberg girls are devoted to the Italian super-sized streetwear pioneers as it still carries that timeless sense of “cool” as it did when people were wearing it to the club back in the late 1990s UKG days. It was dressing to impress way back then, and trust us when we say nothing’s changed in the slightest. Iceberg’s still got it.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans

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