House Of Holland Celebrate Pride Month with Satin Tuxedos

Photographs by Louie Banks

As you must know by this point, Pride month is here. It’s truly the most wonderful time of year. A whole 30 days of celebrating all things queer. It’s no surprise then that brands across all fields want to celebrate alongside us. Yet at times, brand pride endorsement can often read as blatant capitalisation. You just have to take a look at the M&S pride sandwich – the ‘LGBT’, which is just your standard BLT with a bit of guacamole dolloped on top. As a gay man, does this give me the right to take this sandwich for free? Of course not. Paying £3.80 for a sandwich supposed to be “celebrating” me  leaves a sour taste. And I’m not talking about the out of date tomato slabbed in the centre.

Thankfully, House of Holland are here to celebrate Pride in a way that feels both genuine and inclusive of all members of the LGBTQI+ community. A follow up to last year’s Show Your True Colours rainbow suiting capsule which raised almost £10,000 for the Albert Kennedy Trust, Holland has created a mini collection of satin tuxedos. In a palette that represents the colours of the trans pride flag, HoH are celebrating a community which has been marginalised by both wider society and within the LGBT community itself. And who better to front the campaign than Finn Buchanan and Maxim Magnus. The real-life model couple that make two of the most exciting faces to enter the industry in recent years. They dominate on the catwalk, and their faces are plastered on magazine covers on both sides of the Atlantic – all whilst spearheading a long overdue gender revolution within the industry.

When it comes to celebrating pride honestly, Henry Holland is doing things right. Splash out on a tuxedo and you’re set to look your best when boogieing the many nights away this pride month.

House of Holland’s capsule collection of satin tuxedos is available to buy now.

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