Haeckels Lab Is The Beauty Brand’s New Division For Growing Sustainable Ingredients

Operating out of an old betting shop down in sunny Margate, Hæckels is pioneering an army of sustainable skincare solutions – from its fermented elixirs to its biocontributing mycelium casing and self-composting vivomer packaging. One of the most cutting-edge wellness brands to operate on our English shores, its new ‘Innovations’ arm – which labours on a test and drop method, mobilising its devoted customer base for backing before becoming a permanent fixture – just grew a new digit. Entering into the fold is Hæckels’ Lab; a division built of, and by disruption, that focuses on balancing epidermal pH and nourishing natural facial bacterias. 

It makes its debut with a trio of science-backed skincare – dubbed the Lab System – which endeavour to tackle the ingredients crisis through lab-grown innovation. Each Kind to Biome verified product is a game-changer: the Spiraglow EGF Serum is to intensely plump and smooth the skin’s texture, the Spiraglow Cleansing Milk can be use to calm and moisturise skin, and the Spiraglow Hydrating Toner is devised to hydrate and smooth. Notice that each concoction has a new, one-of-a-kind ingredient in its name? Well that’s SpiraglowTM, a microbiologically optimised element containing algal polysaccharides for prebiotic hydration. SpiraglowTM has been proven in clinical trials to improve skin elasticity and reduce the depths of wrinkles and lines up to 22.1 percent. In simpler words, it’s food for your face – and we’re starving for it. 

Image by 3D artist Bel Docherty

Designed and grown all in the same little seaside town, the triptych is Hæckels’ most groundbreaking collection of microbial skincare solutions to date, each engineered as a nature-identical formula. They’re for all skin types too, so whatever your trouble, Lab System has got your back (or should we say face?). 

Beyond the experimental skincare though, Hæckels Lab is built to reduce the carbon emissions that arise from growing, processing, shipping and manufacturing natural ingredients. Natural woods and trees are felled to create land and facilitate the growth of ingredients, while water is refunneled and directed back to the land, proving the lab to be far less resource intensive than its beauty counterparts. What else angles Hæckels as a frontrunner in future-proofing the world of wellness though, is the brand’s sheer acumen for innovation: stretching the perimeters of what sustainability can look like, it’s mission is to ensure its products benefit both user and planet. 

Photography courtesy of Haeckels.


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