Givenchy: Menswear SS24

Matthew M. Williams’ Givenchy goes from strength to strength. His menswear SS24 collection, unveiled Thursday afternoon, saw the designer explore a “free-spirited sophistication”, where sartorialism shaped up to be a “gesture of nonconformity” and elegance an “expression of individuality”.  Loosening up the classic suit, he cut blazers boxy and oversized, and paired such with slouched trousers. More tailored Wall Street suits were casualised when worn beneath dad-like waterproof jackets. Throughout, Williams cleverly re-contextulised “the archetypes of smartness”. Whether that was schoolboy uniforms, echoed in shirts and ties worn beneath silky bomber jackets and slick, silver track tops, to utility belts and gilets coupled with smart trousers. 

The designer has really hit his stride in recent collections, refining his design handwriting and cleverly narrowing his reference points to create a wardrobe that feels concise and confident in its viewpoint. A solid offering all-round. 

Photography courtesy of Givenchy.

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