Giorgio Armani Privé: Couture SS23

With the Oscar nominations in the bag, what to wear? Armani Privé, perhaps? With a front row at the Garde Republicane including Oscar nominees Michelle Yeoh (Everything Everywhere All At Once), plus Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin (Elvis has scored 8 nominations)  there was enough slinky sparkle here to satisfy any one in showbiz. The collection was inspired by the flamboyant harlequin, and so it was a lineup of colours and diamond patterns straight out of the commedia dell’arte. Mr. Armani loves theatre and film of course – it is in his blood and has been since he was a boy. And so, it was high gloss, high shine with a shimmering slew of sequins, rosettes, ruffs and caviar beads. As Mr. Armani came out for his finale bow, we were reminded that he is in his late eighties and marvelled at how he is still designing and pumping out all this pure yet somehow subtle glamour and red-carpet artistry.  He recently said in an interview with Anders Christian Madsen for British Vogue “It’s about challenging myself, being able to do something I never thought I could do. I would like to fly a little bit higher.” He’s getting there… 77 exits – and remember, he fits them all. Privé perfection.

Photography courtesy of Giorgio Armani.

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