Giorgio Armani Privé: Couture AW24

Calling the collection Pearls, and finding its point of departure in the natural stone, Giorgio Armani Privé AW24 was an opulent affair. Paying heed to a widespread “need for serenity” the pearl was the perfect muse for the storied designer, who was attracted to the jewel due to its cultural associations with “the moon, water, wisdom, purity and love”. What he imagined gave birth to a procession of subtly alluring women walking in silk trousers that flowed beneath sculpted blazers or wraparound jackets with precise shoulders like liquid gold. Tops and skirts were just as fluid. Floor-length dresses traced the women’s figures with an enchanting lightness so that with every step, her movements, however subtle, could be seen. 

At one point, a series of tuxedo jackets, trousers and slouchy off-the-shoulder tops were cut from deep, black velvet so spellbinding you wanted to reach out and stroke it. Trousers in translucent silk jacquard possessed a quality only comparable to whispers – soft and tender, yet impalpable. 

The designer’s masterful savoir faire came through by way of exquisite embroidery; sequins and cabochons seemed to flicker as the light refracted off them, while the pearls themselves danced like morning dew drops across lustrous fabrics in white, platinum, gold and black. Nobody does serene elegance quite like Mr. Armani. 

Photography courtesy of Giorgio Armani.

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