Giorgio Armani On… Tina Turner


When it comes to power, success, charisma and twinkly blue eyes, Giorgio Armani has it all – in spades. He’s also pretty spectacular in the frock-designing department. That’s why, at 83, he’s still one of our favourite people. And why we asked him to tell us who his were.

“Tina’s voice is the perfect combination of charisma, charm and strength – just like her personality. She’s a magnificent artist and a dear friend. I met her at the end of the ’80s and I’m proud to have collaborated with her on numerous occasions. What I admire most about her is her boundless energy, the tenacity she has shown over the years, her way of evolving yet remaining eternally young. Every time we’re together, when I look at her I’m convinced that time really doesn’t pass for her.”

Taken from Giorgio Armani’s People To Meet, Issue 59 10 Magazine, REBEL HEART

Collages Aline Bliumis

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