Fka Twigs Makes Google Glass Cool

The kiss-curled septum-pierced singer-songwriter FKA twigs might just have done the impossible: made wearable tech look cool. Up until now, the head-mounted computer has remained the preserve of early adopters and the technological elite (read: geeks). But not anymore. FKA twigs has directed a film for Google Glass called #throughglass in which her voguing skills give the dancers from Paris Is Burning a run for their money. In the film she wears Google Glass with a Versace Medusa logo choker and a bondage-inspired leather bra top as she dips, duckwalks, locks, krumps, sashays and tuts to the music. Not so geeky, right? This video, plus Liu Wen’s appearance on the front of Vogue China wearing an Apple Watch, make us think that the days of wearable tech are fast approaching the masses. Not just the geeks. Welcome to the future, people.

Watch FKA twigs #throughglass by clicking here.

By Ted Stansfield

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