10 Questions With Fabiana Palladino As She Gears Up To Release Her Self-Titled Debut Album

Get ready to be swept away by rising star, Fabiana Palladino. The London-based musician has been generating buzz since her breakout in 2017 with her unique blend of mellow R&B and pop-infused sounds. She might be an up-and-comer, but Palladino has already made significant waves in the music industry, particularly with her association with Jai Paul, wherein she formed part of his band for the British song writer and record producer’s highly anticipated live debut (which she also supported) earlier this year.

The singer’s solo journey is just as exciting though, especially with the imminent release of her self-titled debut album. Landing April 5 via Paul Institute/XL Recordings, the album is inspired by Palladino’s affection for the R&B, soul, pop, and disco studio productions of the ’80s and ’90s, which she has reimagined through a contemporary perspective and polished off with her signature stamp. While fans eagerly await the release, Palladino has been teasing her followers with snippets of what’s to come by dropping a number of evocative singles. Her most recent song, ‘I Can’t Dream Anymore’ which hit streamers on March 12, is a mesmerising blend of dreamy melancholic symphonies, with Palladino’s classicist voice weaving effortlessly through the shadowy instrumentation. Another track from the album, ‘I Care’ featuring Jai Paul, made its fashion week debut at both the Dior haute couture show as well as Victoria Beckham’s Paris Fashion Week runway earlier this year. 

Palladino explores concepts of “connection and disconnection” on the upcoming album, reflecting on the tumultuous experiences of loneliness and uncertainty that many people encountered during the Covid-19 lockdown. Palladino’s music served as a beacon of hope and escapism at the time, transporting listeners to a world of imagination and introspection. On Fabiana Palladino, the musician’s creative vision stemmed from her escapist daydreams during that time, wherein she would ‘see’ herself “out to sea, completely alone but connected to others by broadcasting [a] radio show from the ship late into the night”. That imaginary maritime journey similarly inspired the mesmerising music video for ‘I Can’t Dream Anymore’, and mirrored the dream-like state of mind that Palladino seeks to evoke through her work.

If you can’t get enough of the album once it drops, don’t worry, because Palladino has also announced a debut headline tour which is set to traverse the UK and Ireland from the May 16 to August 24, promising to bring her intoxicating talent to audiences in Manchester, London, Dublin, Glasgow and more. 

Here, we pull up a chair to the wunderkind and dive into the world of Fabiana Palladino, discussing everything from the perfect Sunday to her plans for the future. 

1. Let’s get acquainted – who is Fabiana Palladino?  

 “I’m Fabiana, I’m from London, I make music.”

2. Who has been your biggest musical inspiration?  

“Stevie Wonder has been a major one since I was a kid. Later on, Kate Bush.”

3. What was the main message you wanted to convey with your debut album Fabiana Palladino?  

“It’s ok to be alone.”

4. This is a really personal album – did you find it was somewhat therapeutic to write?

“I wouldn’t say therapeutic… more like highly stressful, but satisfying.”

5. What’s your favourite track on the new album and why?

“I have a soft spot for ‘Give Me a Sign’ – I wrote it quickly and it didn’t cause me much trouble.” 

6. Pub or bar?

“Bar. But ONLY if it has good cocktails.” 

7. What’s your worst fashion faux pas?

“There was a brief Day-Glo period during the new-rave era which it’s best we don’t talk about.” 

8. What’s your perfect Sunday?

“Wake up, cup of tea, go out for brunch somewhere with friends, maybe a walk round a park in the sun. Then sit around some more, drink more tea and chat shit together. Go home and maybe do some gardening. Cook dinner, or ideally, someone else cooks it for me. Then watch TV with my sister/ my mum, something trashy like MAFS Australia whilst eating Cadbury’s Dairy Milk until we all feel sick.”  

9. You have also announced your debut headline show round the UK and Ireland – what is your go-to snack for the road?

“Ribena Light and a packet of Hula hoops, because clearly I’m a six year old. ” 

10. What can we expect from you in the next few months?

“Shows and festivals!” 

Photography courtesy of Fabiana Palladino. 


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