Disturbia: Look Inside Gucci’s Latest Limited Edition Book

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Contrary to what the title may suggest, this is not a hard-backed homage to Rihanna’s 2008 sizzler. Although that is an excellent idea. Gucci, makers of extraordinary fashion and publishers of modern literary classics when they feel like it, have released their newest tome. Beauty and brains, aesthetics and authorship, they are but one and the same for the folk of Gucci. Disturbia is the limited edition extension of their Pre Fall campaign, the one inspired by Michele’s love of Italian film maker Dario Argento, and shot in several locations from his most renowned films. It even comes with annotated screenplay excerpts from Argento’s Inferno. And because we eat, drink and live Gucci (and because we didn’t know who Argento was), we’ve since watched ‘Inferno’ like obedient schoolchildren, and while never entirely sure of the plot, we can now better appreciate Michele’s fondness for blue and red hued lighting. You’ve either seen it or you haven’t. Shot in Quartiere Coppedè, a hidden enclave of Rome that screams Gucci with its flamboyant and otherworldly smorgasbord of architectural styles, these Peter Schlesinger images seamlessly fuse together the fantasy of both Gucci’s Pre Fall collection and their surroundings. A visit to Quartiere Coppedè is now almost certainly on the cards. Launching today at London’s Dover Street Market as part of their Photo London Open House, we strongly encourage purchasing at least several copies.


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