Christopher Kane’s New Campaign Is A Homage To Factory Women

What do we think of when we think of the North? And when we say North, we mean anything north of the M25, because we’ve never been further than that. Answer: industry, mines, coal dust. Or something. That’s what Billy Elliot told us. Not that we’re making a mass, and probably wholly incorrect, generalisation or anything. Would we ever? We’re not even sure if there is any explicit connection between Christopher Kane’s AW17 campaign imagery and the North, but it features a derelict factory and a lots of coal, so we’re running with it. Perched atop of said pile of coal is the shiny new face of Cara Taylor, and we’re very impressed, if somewhat confused, as to how she managed to get up there in that dress without getting totally filthy. She’s pristine, actually. Anyway, speaking on the artisanal feel of the new campaign, Mr. Kane added, “we really wanted an idea of a heroine from the factory floor, like the women who craft and have always crafted the incredible historical fabrics found in the collection. We wanted Cara to evoke that spirit…she personifies that attitude of the Christopher Kane girl, something quite indomitable.”

Photography by Alasdair McLellan

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