10 Questions With Chase and Status, As The Duo Prepare To Release Their New Album ‘What Came Before’

If you grew up in the UK and are right into your dance music, there’s no doubt that you regard electronic duo Chase and Status as one of the industry’s greats. The pair have been in the limelight for 15 years, pumping out one raging banger after another – always ideal for your weekend, frenzied rave-ups.

Chase and Status take pride in musical progression, constantly striving for a refined sound that speaks to tomorrow’s youth through stimulating dance mixes and harmonic collaborations. The release of the duo’s sixth studio album, What Came Before, is fast approaching, set to drop June 10. Making the record has allowed the twosome to reflect on their reign of the country’s dance scene.  The 13-track project takes Chase and Status back to their roots through a daring venture that touches on the experiences that have come to define their heroic journey thus far. Featuring a variety of industry-lauded names – from London’s Unknown T to Jamaica’s Popcaan – the record is set to be your summer soundtrack.

  1. What’s the perfect song to introduce new listeners to your sound?

“Blind Faith.”

  1. If your music had a scent, what would it smell like? 

“Davidoff Cool Water.”

  1. Saul, they say you have one of the largest private collections of Moschino in the world. But if Moschino didn’t exist, what other brand would it be?

“For collecting it’ll have to be Versace, but for regular wear; Moncler.”

  1. Who would be your dream three dinner guests, dead or alive?

“Notorious BIG, Tiger Woods and Raffaele Esposito”

  1. When it’s not drum and bass, what other musical genres make it onto your playlist?

“Everything. Drill, reggae, house, garage, Afrobeat.”

  1. How would you describe your sixth studio album What Came Before in just one sentence? 

“What came before is what comes next.”

  1. What is one of the most memorable experiences that inspired, What Came Before

What Came Before is really a combination of every experience we have shared musically since starting this journey. It’s hard to pick just one, but standing on a stage at Glastonbury with the full band in front of 70,000 people is up there, though.”

  1. What is the strangest gift or fan mail you’ve ever received from a listener? 

“Someone once sent us a mock-up of the artwork to our More Than Alot album with their faces superimposed onto our heads.”

  1. When the two of you run into a conflict, what’s the best tool to patch things up?

“Remembering that most things ultimately aren’t that deep.”

  1. What does the rest of the year have in store for Chase and Status?

“It’s a busy rest of the year with lots of festival plays, our 10th year in Ibiza & lots more production. We also have a back-to-back set with Carl Cox at Glastonbury which should be pretty special.”

Stream ‘What Came Before’ on all major streaming platforms on June 10. 


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