Céline: Pre Fall 2016

Are you a woman? Do you have a pulse? These are pretty much the only qualifications one needs to enjoy Céline’s Pre Fall 2016 collection, released upon the world this morning. Currently we are exercising much restraint in resisting hunting down sample-guarding minion and ripping said collection from them piece by piece. Enough to give one heart palps, were the whole thing not so… calming. Maybe it’s that just-draped silhouette, cinched at the waist, maybe it’s the muted autumnal colour palette (“chartreuse, citrus, sunflower, amber, terracotta, paprika, magenta,” according to Céline) or maybe it’s just that perfectly Phoebe-selected off-white wall but we’re feeling borderline meditative. No mean feat. The whole thing has a Seventies-tinge, as Phoebe has toyed with off late, refining a folkish retro-ness that impossibly, thanks to Philo’s unfaltering vision, becomes something very modern in the process. Ultimately, and we’re sorry if we’re repeating ourselves here, but this is clothing that women actually desire, crave and want to wear. Hark also at the smattering of accessories from Céline’s classics to three new bag shapes – the Shopper, Chain and Croissant. Which presumably is not for eating. A fact that may or may not stop us from trying.

The collection will be available in stores from the end of the month


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