Calvin Klein: Ready-to-Wear SS19

“Shark Attack At Calvin Klein!” Literally… The American Landscape theme continues to inspire Raf Simons at tonight’s Calvin Klein show. The show opened with images of the sea projected all along the walls, which at first made us feel as though we were swimming calmly… and then the famous Jaws theme tune blasted out loud! The models came out in scuba style looks, wet hair literally like they had just walked off the beach. The men wore scuba suits under t-shirts with Jaws written across- just like your teenage crush. Then came gorgeous dresses with appliqué and origami-esque details worn by models from Liya Kebede to Yasmin Le Bon all along the runway whilst the music cut from the tension of Jaws to Elvis Presley to Simon and Garfunkel’s songs from the Graduate. You felt as if you were looking at the wardrobes of your sister, your high school crush, or even your dad with some looks like oversized blazers worn over neoprene trousers. What was brilliant about this show was that you never knew what was coming out next- take the soundtrack which took you from Jaws to Scarborough Fair to Elvis’ Suspicious Minds, or the fact that Raf Simons really did keep us guessing with the clothes. One look would be pretty dresses, another would be T-shirts and just when you least expect it, graduation cap and gown! This is the genius of Raf Simons and his vision for Calvin Klein. Guarantee the Jaws Tee shirts will be must haves and someone will be graduating on a magazine cover sometime soon! Just amazing.

Photographs by Jason-Lloyd Evans.

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