Acne Studios: Ready-To-Wear SS23

It’s been 10 years since Acne Studios began showing in Paris, and creative director Jonny Johansson fancied a proper knees up. More specifically, he wanted to conjure up his own twisted wedding party – carpeting Palais de Tokyo in the sugary pink which is synonymous with the brand’s stores and packaging, whilst littering the space with satin bed sheets and shell-adorned candelabras.

“I find weddings fascinating because they are always a melting pot, and they kickstart a lot of aesthetic choices,” wrote Johansson in his show notes. “There’s something cute, kitschy, sweet about weddings – but also something serious, tense, and vulnerable.”

Wedding-night bed sheets were just the start of Johansson’s nuptial decodings. He trapped florals within tulle slip dresses and elegantly wrapped wedding bows around models to sensual effect. Something as everyday as a gingham table cloth was turned into oversized suiting with rips at the armpits and overlaid with blooming rose bras, and love hearts were peppered throughout.

There was old-lady lace which fashioned pretty shirts for boys and distressed knitted skirts threaded with wire to evoke the sort of silhouette which could’ve been worn by the mother of the bride. On the topic of family, the spiked bags and rugged leather jackets would’ve been a favourite of the angsty niece, and the procession of wedding dresses – puffed up with pannier underskirts and dyed pink, black and chocolate – were fitting for a rebel bride.

Photography courtesy of Acne Studios.

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