9dcc Announces Collection 01 Pop-Up Experience In New York

When I saw that 9dcc’s first on-chain Collection 01 debuted in Paris during Fashion Week in February, my initial reaction was how will these pieces could be experienced? Once again, 9dcc has stirred the luxury industry to elevate seamless, digital innovation. 

I first met 9dcc’s CEO, GMoney, at Art Basel, Miami three years ago, where we connected over our mutual interest in advancing the luxury fashion industry. Since then, it seems we run into each other in every cosmopolitan tech hub around the world.

Like our community, we have made a point to stay updated on each other’s projects. Recently, G exclusively dropped that his community will have access to Collection 01 during NFT NYC in SoHo from the April 3-5, 2024.

In our conversation, gmoney shared insights on his latest collection’s inspiration, his connections with Prada, and the role of connected garments in enhancing collector-designer relationships.

Who are the 9dcc audience? 

GM: Tech focused consumers, characterised by their digital nativity, interest in privacy, decentralisation, and cutting-edge technologies, form the core target audience for 9dcc. 

What was the main inspiration for Collection 01? 

GM: The main inspiration for the 9dcc collection is the concept of Luxury Disrupted, intertwined with the newly created ethos of the ‘crypto mob’ lifestyle. The collection draws from a diverse array of global cultures, from the mystique of the Yakuza and the allure of iconic gangster films, targeting a tech-savvy, forward-thinking demographic. 

With your pop up set to open in SoHo, why is a presence in New York City important?

GM: I’ve considered NYC my home at various stages of my life, with my formative years here influencing 9dcc’s essence and design. With this collection we needed to top ourselves, and in the nexus of one of the most famed shopping districts and surrounded by luxury brands, we’re in our element.

How has the association with luxury fashion brands like Prada impacted your journey to this first capsule collection? 

GM: I think that the connections I’ve forged in the fashion industry have been instrumental in paving the way for my inaugural collection. Each partnership, every dialogue, and every moment spent in the front row has deepened my understanding of what I envisioned for 9dcc. 

How does a connected garment create a tangible link for collector to designer? 

GM: As we refine the Network Products technology platform, every new feature is designed to resonate with our community. This ‘tangible link’ creates a network effect that functions in multiple formats, firstly the connection between the holder and 9dcc. As we know, limited edition items frequently change ownership, and our new program, NINES, allows for interaction with the wearer. Secondly, we’ve established a unique proposition for our community to engage with us and others, as well as to introduce the brand to newcomers. 

The new NINES, launching during our pop up, are experience badges that reward loyalists, from exclusive content and networking opportunities to entry into parties and beyond…

Experience Collection 01 at 9dcc’s pop-up from April 3-5, 435 Broome Street, SoHo, New York.


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