10 Questions with Raheaven, As She Releases Her New EP “Throat Game Stupid!”

Raised on the busy streets of North London, British-Eritrean artist Raheaven has been making waves across the music scene. Launching her career in 2020, her debut single “7am” quickly made its mark, shaping her into one of Britain’s rising stars. Her sound is defined by a blend of melodic vocals and soulful beats through an alt-afro style that speaks to her past sentiments and experiences.

Dropping today, her latest EP, Throat Game Stupid!, acts as a tribute to the adaptability of RnB while depicting a series of romantic tales through profound verses written by Raheaven herself. The 5-track release sees the artist jam out in pure self-confidence as she maintains a sense of vulnerability with every word. Elements of Afrobeat, Afroswing, 2000s RnB and 80s Pop are all intermixed into one creative bundle that continues to dictate the singer’s journey through the ever-expanding world of music. Here, we grab Raheaven for a quick chat.

  1. Who is Raheaven?

“New girl on the block, Eritrean prince$$, heaven on earth, that b*tch.”

  1. If your sound came with a scent, what would it smell like?

“Pink roses + frankincense, for my love of roses and my ancestors.”

  1. What’s the best thing about being a musician in London?

“There’s always something on if you’re into that type of thing, it’s always busy, there’s always something to do, it’s diverse too. Everyone lives nearby and it’s easy to link up with producers, artists and party people.”

  1. What’s the worst?

“London is not a cheap city, you pay taxes to breathe, plus the weather is upsetting and it usually fucks up my hair.”

  1. Which three artists shaped your sound today?

“SZA, Jazmine Sullivan & Gwen Stefani.”

  1. What’s the perfect song from your catalogue to introduce people to your sound?

“”7am” of course, and from my new EP, I’d say the first track “Talk Back”. I just go in talking my shit and I think it’s a good representation of me being annoying and less PG. I want people to know to not get on my bad side.”

  1. What’s your party trick?

“Guessing people’s star sign.”

  1. If you weren’t a musician, what other creative career would you pick as your day job?

“Probably a film director, I love film and studied film! My favourite film is Annie, the classic one (sorry Cameron Diaz). It’s a musical and I would have loved to direct one of those musical numbers, same with Mary Poppins. Also, I would love to direct music videos too.”

  1. What’s your dream gig to play?

“Glastonbury OFC!!!! I refuse to go until I play.”

  1. What does the rest of 2022 hold for you?

“More music and more singles, visuals, I’m excited.”

Photography by Lynda Boudjeltia. Stream ‘Throat Game Stupid!’ on all major streaming platforms now. 


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