10 Questions With M Huncho And Potter Payper As They Release Joint Mixtape ’36 Hours’

Teaming up to release a joint mixtape, M Huncho and Potter Payper’s 36 Hours was written and recorded during a quick trip to Tenerife that lasted – you guessed it – 36 hours. Releasing six years after Huncho’s acclaimed 2018 EP, 48 Hours, the new, 10-track record delves into the experiences of both British rappers’ from childhood to street politics and their ongoing commitment to going against the grain.

Success and exposure aren’t easy to obtain, it takes dedication and determination. 36 Hours exemplifies this and corresponds to the stories of how they got to where they are today as two of the UK’s most revered musical figures. Billions of streams later, M Huncho and Potter Payper’s link-up is impossible to ignore.

Out today, what makes the mixtape so special is the artists’ effortless, yet relentlessly defiant musicality. A collision of their North West and East London sounds, both boys bring the best bits of their unique styles to the tape, making 36 Hours a worthwhile listen that’ll leave you wanting more.

Here, we sit down with the duo to chat about everything from their experiences in the music game to throwing theoretical free parties and leaving a lasting legacy.

1. What drew the two of you together artistically?

Payper: “I’ve always been a fan of melodic music and M Huncho specifically. I’ve always admired his cadence and delivery, he’s one of the most versatile artists I know. We’ve collaborated in the past on each of our individual projects and have made great music together. This mixtape is a testament to how two different sounds can come together perfectly.”

2. It has been speculated that 36 Hours is a testimony of working hard on tracks, what motivates both of you in your careers?

Huncho and Payper: “We want our music to be our legacy when it’s all said and done, that’s what keeps us motivated.”

3. Describe the album in three words. 

Huncho: “Huncho, Potter, Legendary.”

4. What would you say makes 36 Hours more unique from previous albums you both have created?

Huncho: “We decided to create 36 Hours to celebrate the sixth anniversary of my EP 48 Hours, which I released in 2018. I recorded the EP in just 48 hours, and it’s probably one of my most popular project’s to date. We applied that same thinking to this project. I’d say what makes 36 Hours more unique is that I’ve grown massively both musically and personally since releasing 48 Hours, and the fans will hear that.”

5. Name one club or venue in London you both would like to perform in and why?

Payper: “Royal Albert Hall. Trap and street rap with an orchestra, could you imagine that?”

6. Which song from 36 Hours best showcases your joint styles?

Huncho: “For me personally I’d say, ‘Everything’s Personal’. The way we go back to back on the hook is seamless. Definitely one of my favourites on the project.”

7. If you could both pick up a new skill and learn it in an instant what would it be and why?

Huncho and Payper: “If we could learn a new skill it would have to be creating and producing beats, so we could rap over all our own shit.”

8. If you could throw a joint party anywhere where would it be and what creatives would you invite?

Huncho: “If we threw a party, it’s only right we threw it in Amsterdam. Everyone’s invited.”

9. What have you both collectively learnt from creating this album and how will this impact your work going forward?

Huncho and Payper: “We’ve learned that we’re both more than capable of making amazing music, very naturally and organically. It’s like second nature to us, so when we combine our genius it doesn’t take much. We’re just happy to be a part of another moment in UK rap history.”

10. Do you see yourselves collaborating on another album in the future?

Huncho and Payper: “Of course, this is just the beginning.”

Photography courtesy of M Huncho and Potter Payper.

@mhuncho / @potterpayperhimself

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