10 Questions With Leevisa As She Releases Her Debut Album ‘Metro Blue’

Yesterday, DJ, musician and producer Leevisa released her debut album, an intoxicating soundscape entitled Metro Blue that explores the feelings of alienation that one experiences when immigrating to a new country.

Originally from Seoul, Leevisa recently immigrated to Toronto in a sudden and rather unexpected move. With her new, eight-track album, she explores the thoughts and experiences of having suddenly left home, depicting a certain “everyday life that she looks back on as a stranger”. Capturing the artist’s personal narrative of an early commute with the morning light pouring into the Subway Line 4 over Seoul’s Dongjak Bridge, she delves into themes of working at a small printshop and attempting to write a UK garage tune, the news of deaths that find their way to you during a busy commute, and the everyday lives of people who have lost their normality. Anyone who has ever moved to a new city or country, know how difficult it can be. Metro Blue confronts this through a colourfully composed array of ear-worm tracks with a distinctly ‘club-centric’ sonic language. From wistful joys or beautifully melancholic emotions, to pointless daydreams and burdening worries, Metro Blue is an album that collates together Leevisa’s real-life experiences and will leave any city-goer romanticising their reality. Co-written and co-produced by Joel Eel, it will comfort any new urbanite and leave them yearning for the small sentiments of home.

Here, we sit down with the rising musician to talk about Metro Blue, her favourite songs to mix at the moment and what the future holds for her.

1. Introduce yourself, who is Leevisa?

I’m commonly referred to as a DJ, producer, film score composer and musician. I enjoy laying out various tracks and writing songs to remember people or events.

2. Describe your sound in three words? 

Lonely, comforting, honest.

3. How has Seoul influenced your sound? 

Due to the many characteristics of Seoul, I naturally choose bold themes and emotional expressions.

4. What is the overarching message of your new album? 

Life is precious. You’re not alone.

5. Do you have a favourite track and why?

Hiroshi Yoshimura – Wet Land. The whole album is very stress free. It doesn’t have to be loud, you can hear the details of nature.

6. Who are your biggest style inspirations?

My mom and Aaliyah. I actually wear some of the clothes and accessories handed down from my mom.

7. What’s the biggest difference between life in Seoul compared to Toronto?

I eat on time. I don’t drink much (when I was in Korea, I used to drink a lot). I exist in the present and I no longer spend all my time on social media. My life is much more balanced.

8. You’re a DJ as well as a musician and producer – what is your favourite song to mix right now?

Adam F – ‘Metropolis’, DJ Rashad and DJ Manny – ‘Leavin’.’

9. Who is one upcoming artist that everyone should have on their radar right now?

I’d say two; Jinnin and George Draper.

10. What are you looking forward to in the next few months?

The release of my very first album Metro Blue, a music video, working on another film score and more music!

Photography courtesy of Leevisa.


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