WATCH: Aubrey Plaza and Dan Levy Test Out Their Spelling Skills In Loewe’s New Comedy Short

“Wigs, buzzers, iconic fashion and wrong answers.” That’s the tagline for Loewe’s new, and fantastically funny short film, Decades of Confusion. 

Written by Dan Levy and directed by Ally Pankiw – following a series of campaigns on how to say ‘LO-WEH-VAY’ (easy when you know, tricky when you don’t) – the Canadian duo have created a two and a half minute long comedy sketch playing with the 178-year-long confusion around both the spelling and pronunciation of the Spanish brand’s every-so-hard-to-sound-out name. 

With creative direction by Jonathan Anderson himself, it centres around a flamboyant one-of-a-kind national spelling bee. The brilliantly deadpan Aubrey Plaza takes to the competition stage to attempt to spell ‘L.O.E.W.E’ while Levy himself sits at a podium before the stalls as the exasperated judge 

Tongue-in-cheek scenes shift from 1971 to present day with the actors transforming into a variety of characterful contestants from each decade. Plaza starts out as a bumbling participant with ‘70s style curtain bangs and oversized glasses before changing into a high-glam girlie with a bold 1980s Miami-like look. Next, she’s a ‘90s Texan socialite and finally a jarring, self-obsessed, modern day fashion fan. 

Sporting colourful Loewe pieces from the iconic Amazona bag to AW22’s viral car dress and striking wigs by award-winning hair stylist and ‘wig maestra’ Michelle Ceglia, Decades of Confusion is distinctly Loewe. 

Photography courtesy of Loewe.

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