Travel In True Hypebeast Style With The Brand New Rimowa X Supreme Collaboration


This just in, from the world of hype, we know the queue for this one is already forming around the block! Streetwear gods supreme have joined forces with Rimowa aka the luggage lords. Anyone who has ever had to wheel more than one suitcase (aka everyone in fashion) knows Rimowa is the only way to go. And you’d have to be living under a rock to not know about Supreme and its ability to shift literally anything. So really it’s a match made in heaven. You can’t pass by the Soho shop without a line literally running the length of Peter Street…

The Supreme X Rimowa collection is simple and straight to the point- it’s the classic Topas Multiwheel case with the iconic white Supreme logo on either red or black. Now I’d be a bit terrified to trot around with one of these, solely because teenagers are scary and they flock to Supreme like bears to honey. But I also take easy jet flights and don’t pay to check my baggage, so not really the demographic for nice luggage. BUT if I was the type of person to be travelling on a private jet I’d get one in every size. Bet it’s only a matter of time till Supreme launches its own airline, which you can only travel on if you have one of these Rimowa cases… Obviously this is all something I’ve created in my head, but I’m now even more convinced I need this luggage, just in case Supreme Airlines does happen. 

The cabin size will be available in selected RIMOWA stores from Saturday, April 14th 2018, including RIMOWA London on New Bond St and also on 24 Sevres Both sizes will be available in Supreme stores in London, NY, Brooklyn, LA, Paris and online from April 12th. Available in Japan on April 14th  

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