Topman Partners With Sang Woo Kim On New Topman Lux Film

Once upon a time, a while back in fact, I wrote something about dressing like a boy. About watching Dolly Parton making her Glastonbury debut. From which most lucid comment from the running commentary that was running through my head was “her tits are fucking massive”. I want her tits. Which is weird. For me anyway. Because tits do not go with boy clothes, which is all I wear. They ruin the line. If you have them, you need to strap them down. Trust me. It’s the only way. Which why, in my grand old age, when news comes through of a new Topman LUX collection for AW16, outcome the bandages and minimiser bras. I mean, who in their right mind would want to be denied a smorgasbord, and I quote, of, “wardrobe staples re-imagined and re-worked using technical fabrics to create a collection of modern pieces crafted using innovative and contemporary design principles”. But this is no simple clothing launch, oh no. This one comes with a film. Four in fact, titled Private Views, which for it’s second series has tapped the talents of four young creatives to put their on spin on the LUX collection. First up is Sang Woo Kim, the up and coming fine art student. Watch him guide you through his life while dressed in Topman’s finest. It’s making us a little green of eye.

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