10 Questions with Pat McGrath as the Mothership Lands on the Motherland

Mortals beware: the Mothership has landed. No, we’re not talking about the next episode of Star Wars, but something way more important. The pinnacle of beauty brands has finally arrived to the UK – Pat McGrath Labs are here for all of us to indulge in. As part of the Selfridges Technicolour Odyssey, the department store’s summer campaign celebrating the maximalists within, the truly iconic make-up extraordinaire is taking over The Corner Shop on the ground floor of 400 Oxford Street. This is the first and only destination to host Pat McGrath’s make-up line in Europe, as the Mothership gets a three-month residency in the space, overflowing with shiny gold, full-pigment colour and sheer fabulosity. Since launching in 2015, the namesake brand completely raised the bar of the beauty industry, with products consistently selling out in minutes and its sequin-filled packaging becoming somewhat of a social media staple. It’s everything you’d expect from Pat McGrath, created at the standard of her work… Because 25 years in the industry don’t just come about.

Last night, at the Brasserie of Light inside Selfridges, we celebrated this major launch as we boogied with Pat, Rowan Blanchard, Neneh Cherry and a whole gang of Victoria’s Secret models. And just for 10 Magazine, Pat McGrath answered 10 totally irreverent questions, proving she truly is the Mother. Read up and be quick to shop – you’ll be lucky to snag a single lipstick.

Dino Bonacic: We’re doing Karaoke. You’re up first – what’s your song of choice?

Pat McGrath: I’ll take you there by the Staple Singers.

DB: Who’s your favourite Spice Girl and why?

PM: That’s like asking me to choose my favourite Pat McGrath Lab product – impossible!

DB: Early morning or long into the night?

PM: Both! Mother is a Gemini.

DB: Which superhero you relate to the most?

PM: Professor Xavier from X-men. Wouldn’t it be fun to be telepathic for the day?

DB: If you weren’t a make-up artist, what would you be? 

PM: Opera diva.

DB: What’s your favourite song to put on make-up to?

PM: Anything by DJ Mike Q. He always delivers energy, fantasy and fabulosity.

DB: The best part about being a Brit living abroad?

PM: People do really get a kick out of the accent.

DB: Who is the one person we don’t but should know about?

PM: The most wonderful holistic wellness expert Karen Cummings Palmer who has also recently launched the most major award winning body balm 79 LUX.

DB: What’s your party trick?

PM: Dancing til’ the lights come on!

DB: What is decadence it you?

PM: A full day in bed with the phone turned off would be pure blissful extravagance…



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