JW Anderson: Ready-To-Wear SS23

You don’t have to be mad to work here but it helps. For SS23, JW Anderson continued his mind bending, perception confounding assault on fashion normal. His show, held in a Soho slot machine arcade, combined crazy theatrics with ‘Kerching!’ fashion winners.

The inspiration came from Anderson’s philosophical musings on digital culture. Where does the human and and the screen start? His show explored, “A parallel world of people trapped in their computers, blending with keyboards and screensavers.”

Column dresses studded with giant computer keyboard letters, spelling out JWA, a polished silver lampshade which doubled as a mini dress and a fairground goldfish in a plastic bag made into a dress were among the eye bending highlights. Prints (beach sunsets, the earth) were lifted from freebie digital stock imagery and ended with a T-shirt tribute to The Queen.

Just when you thought it was all too much he sent out Emily Ratkowjski in a baggy t-shirt and glitter-blasted jeans, serving off-kilter, off-duty supermodel chic.

Photography courtesy of JW Anderson.


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