Hermès: Menswear SS25

There are few who can craft a summer wardrobe quite as idyllic as Hermès. Véronique Nichanian, who has at been at the helm of the house’s menswear for over 35 years, is a maestro when it comes to crafting collections that are both sophisticated and playful. The appeal of her clothes is not reliant on overt logos or fleeting trends. Instead, gentle hues, elegantly relaxed silhouettes and lightweight men’s classics made from the most sumptuous fabrics define her practice.

The palette for this season was drawn from glistening, open waters, ranging from muted navy through to cornflower blue. Standouts included sleeveless leather vests, collarless blousons and chocolate brown trousers that fell just above the ankle. Elsewhere, shirts and jackets that sprouted with gentle florals appeared almost rubber-like, while woolly vests were adorned with painterly swirls.  The look was completed with calfskin sandals that came in tan, black and dusty pinks, which alongside enlarged versions of the Sac à dessin and Haut à Courroies bags will soon become summer staples for the Hermès man.

Photography courtesy of Hermès.


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