Coperni: Ready-To-Wear SS24

Coperni’s Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant are turning it up and turning it on. Inside IRCAM (the French institute dedicated to the research of music and sound), the Coperni girls walked to sound waves bouncing off moving panels on the walls, as the noise of zippers and clothes ruffling were remixed. This was futuristic fashion, where 3D printed ‘flowers’ on slip dresses were created through sound vibrations, speakers were worked into leather jackets, and the beloved Coperni Swipe bag morphed into the very ‘CD player bag’, reminiscent of the 1984 Sony Walkman. Apparently the bag will be a functional music player, chargeable via USB-C. We like their style.

With ‘AI Pins’ fixed onto their chests (tiny smartphones that will project calls, calendars and more straight to your hand) they walked in slinky trousers, sharp-shouldered suit jackets over shirts with stretched sleeves, double denim, and a series of dramatically good dresses to close. The collection also featured the brand’s new collaboration with Puma: a sneaker, created with the Puma’s innovation team, that is constructed like a football boot but looks like a dress shoe. It’s all happening at Coperni.

Photography courtesy of Coperni.

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