Introducing 10+ Issue 5 – Read The Editor’s Letter

The 10+ Boxazine is back and bigger than ever. Our pre-pandemic Cruise and Resort famine is over and in this issue we feast on all the beautiful experiences served up to us by the wondrous designers and brands that populate our world.

In addition to our photographic and journalistic reportage from the big destination shows – which appear on huge pull-out posters ready to plaster your bedroom walls – we meet one of the world’s biggest stars, Wizkid, introduce you to the creative cohort who make up Alec Maxwell’s KLOSS community and pick Marc Jacobs’ brain all about the beloved designer’s return to the catwalk.

Including a 193 page magazine, eight A0 posters and a broadsheet newspaper, you can take home this jam-packed edition of 10+ inside a limited-edition Valentino Toile Iconographe box. Shot by David Vasiljevic and styled by our Editrix-in-Chief, Sophia Neophitou, our cover story celebrates the enduring elegance of Valentino’s famous VLogo.

For more from the issue, ready Sophia Neophitou’s editor’s letter:

“Destination fashion shows are well and truly back. As we embark on 10 Plus, I can’t believe it’s been a year since our last issue. So much seems to have happened since then. The fashion merry-go-round is hurtling forward at warp speed. Our pre- pandemic Cruise and Resort famine is over and in this issue we feast on all the beautiful experiences served up to us by the wondrous designers and brands that populate our world.

“Back with gusto, these five-star destination shows are lavished on us. They enable us to dream and create unique, beautifully curated memories that will be treasured always. Chanel, the brand that pioneered the concept of Cruise and has executed it with such finesse and effortless precision for so many years, staged an amazing show on the glittering shingle shores of Monte Carlo. Louis Vuitton was in San Diego, Dior in Seville, Max Mara in Lisbon and Valentino in Rome. All offered rich experiences. We are lucky to be part of the elite group that gets to share the tiny details of what makes these show moments so special.

“The last two and a half years since the pandemic began have been sent to challenge us. What I have also come to understand is that, in these moments, the support of friends and family – blood and chosen family – is vital. This sense of belonging and support is no better illustrated than with our epic 16-page poster special featuring Alec Maxwell and his KLOSS Community.

“He has created a place where talent is nurtured, supported and enabled to grow and flourish. Alec is fiercely loyal – a true, modern-day mentor – and he does it all with positivity, optimism and love. We have explored what has drawn the KLOSS Community together and hope that by shining a light on their approach, we can all take a little piece of wisdom away with us to replicate in our own way. It’s important that we support others and create our own communities in this industry, so that we can lift one another up.

“With this in mind, my desire for this issue is to find a way to shine a light on the people I consider to be part of my little community. We applaud and celebrate them on our pages.

“We have taken an excerpt from a new book by long-term 10 collaborator, and my friend of almost 30 years, Donna Trope. She is a phenomenon as an artist and photographer. Her achievements are many. Along with all her global Vogue editorials and work for Purple, Dazed, The Face and 10, Donna has also become the woman responsible for photographing the majority of the giant billboard advertising campaigns for Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS. She has now created her first book, full of her inspirational images after working in the industry since the late 1980s. Don’t Call Me is a curated selection of her work as it appeared on Instagram. She’s blown up these screenshots to coffee table proportions and the results are glorious.

“Another long-term 10 collaborator and friend of 10 Towers is Cozette McCreery. She’s styled and posed for us before, but for this issue we tasked her with styling and modelling in our AW23 couture story.

“We have also found our way into Lucien Pagès childhood home. The PR supremo shared with us his own piece of paradise, a converted hotel in Vialas, a mountainous village in southern France. It has been in his family for three generations but is now a spectacular private retreat for his friends and family. We sent Vianney Le Caer to document a summer of love with this community he has created, where everyone can gather and enjoy the experience of such a unique, spectacular home.

“Finally, I am celebrating the brilliance of my fellow creative and friend, Katie Grand. We showcase her first book, Tears & Tearsheets, which chronicles her long career in fashion and is a pictorial diary of her all her favourite moments, arranged chronologically, giving a glimpse into all the amazing work she has created throughout her career. I really hope you share in the joy these creatives and all our contributors have given us, here in our own little 10+ universe. It’s our own special community, rich with creativity and full of people I hold dear. Here’s to many more adventures together.”

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Hair SHARON ROBINSON at Agency of Substance using Hair by Sam McKnight
Make-up SHARON DOWSETT at Agency of Substance
Model DIANA ACHAN at PRM Agency
Nail technician EDYTA BETKA at Agency of Substance
Photographer’s assistant ANDREW GOSS
Fashion assistant GEORGIA EDWARDS
Hair assistant MEG PIPER
Set designer assistant JUDE LILLEY

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