A Beauty Story In Honour of our NHS, Inspired by the Drawings of 6-Year-Old Edgar

If you take a stroll through any borough in London, you’ll see windows adorned in rainbows in support of our amazing key workers across the country. Most of these drawings are done by children; who despite their young age are very aware of the enormity of this global pandemic. One of these kids is the amazing Edgar Jayapaul. The 6-year-old has been decorating the entrance to the hallway of the building he lives in with rainbows during lockdown. 10 Magazine’s family member Pep Gay, who lives within the same complex as Edgar’s family, was drawn to one picture in particular. When Edgar’s father asked his son what the drawing depicted, he said: “It’s about Noah’s Arch and how God sent a rainbow as a sing of hope. The bird which brings a green twig to show that the disaster is over.” Gay set out to produce a beauty story based on Edgar’s drawing, guiding model Georgia Moot how to apply the make-up through a video conference call. We’re proud to present the final outcome.

Concept and Make-up Pep Gay
Original Drawing Edgar Jayapaul
Photographs Pawel Pysz
Model Georgia Moot @ Present
Post Production Jam Imaging


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