Natalie Dembinska ( photo courtesy of Facebook). 

1. Prada earrings. Because my ears have been very well behaved this year, very good at listening, and so deserve some roses hanging off them.

2. Celine wedges. Before anyone, and that means you Antony, says anything about me not being able to walk, ever wearing heels, these are technically flat! Look at the sole. Lies flat on the ground. Like a flat shoe.

3. Vogueing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 1989- 92.
Strike a pose theres nothing to it.

4. A subscription to the Vogue Archive…

5…and one to the New Yorker. The pop up window does urge you to give a gift, so damn well give it to me.

6. Inez and Vinoodh’s Pretty Much Everything because it contains, well, pretty much everything.

7. A Celine Cabas bag. Because I need a new bag. And because the name sounds like cabana which makes me think of holidays and Campari which makes me happy.

8. The Fiorruci book please. First edition. None of that second print run crap.

9. A rich old husband. Ideally childless and with a heart condition. Well where else am I gonna get the money to but myself expensive gifts?

10. How to Marry a Millionaire. For research purposes. I need help if I’m gonna marry rich and old.

by Natalie Dembinska

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